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Re: Any project prepared to submit packaging stuff to SVN before Florence conference

On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Otavio Salvador wrote:

Take a look in Debian-BR-CDD repository. I didn't use cdd-dev but
others ways to do the same.
It would really help if someone would tell me this, either to stop
making cdd-dev publically available (because it is not needed) or
how to enhance it to make it useful for others.

However it would be great if you would check in your meta package
stuff into the SVN under projects to have a common place to look
at if somebody is seeking for how to build meta packages.  I would
love to present different approaches in the Florence talk.  Moreover
it does make absolutely no sense if I continue to document cdd-dev
in the docs if nobody thinks that it is useful.  Just enlighten
me what's the problem with this stuff.

Kind regards


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