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Re: realtime-module-2.6.5-1_0.0.4-3+2.6.5-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED (fwd)

Sorry, this was meant for debian-multimedia!



>>>>> On Tue, 11 May 2004 22:42:04 +0200, Free Ekanayaka <free@agnula.org> said:

>>>>> On Tue, 11 May 2004 19:36:02 +0200 (CEST), guenter geiger <geiger@xdv.org> said:
    guenter> On Tue, 11 May 2004, tim hall wrote:
    >>> Guenter,
    >>> I've been considering upgrading my kernel for a while, I'm
    >>> currently still running a 2.4.22 (Agnula) kernel and a
    >>> non-canonical mixture of testing and Agnula/DeMuDi-1.1.0
    >>> packages at the moment. I'm wondering how much trouble I would
    >>> be letting myself in for if I was to make such a jump with the
    >>> kernel.

    guenter> Hi Tim,

    guenter> The Debian (and Demudi) kernels are setup in a way so
    guenter> that you can always double boot, that means if you
    guenter> install a new kernel, you can still access the old one
    guenter> using the linux.old boot entry (which is an advantage if
    guenter> the new kernel does not work for your system). So, by
    guenter> installing a new kernel you should loose nothing.

    guenter> If you do not like the new one, just boot the old one.

    Free> Yes, I'm currently running a patched 2.4.25, but at times I
    Free> boot into 2.6.4 for testing and experimenting.

    Free> I'll manage to find some time to test 2.6.5+realtime too.

    >>> I'm still relatively new to Debian Multimedia, I've been using
    >>> it for a year & a half and I am wary of ending up with a
    >>> broken system, naturally. I'll be running it on an i810
    >>> chipset and I'm wondering if this kernel is going to be stable
    >>> enough to be able to get on with making music or whether this
    >>> is really a mission for a non-production machine and a more
    >>> experienced user.

    guenter> Hard to tell. As there are so many different hardware
    guenter> setups, there is never a guaranty that things that were
    guenter> working will still do in 2.6.  But then some thing that
    guenter> weren't, may.  One reason for having the
    guenter> unstable/testing/stable cycle is to be able to collect as
    guenter> much information as possible about the stability of the
    guenter> system. Of course if no-one would use and test the
    guenter> unstable and testing stuff this could not work out.

    >>> Now that the Agnula/DeMuDi-1.1.1 live CD is here, I'm thinking
    >>> of replacing my Woody install with that, this way I can still
    >>> be of use to the Agnula team.  However I'd also like to keep
    >>> my testing/unstable install relatively up to date - I
    >>> generally try to stay under the threshold of known bugs unless
    >>> dependencies force me to do otherwise.
    guenter> Well, one good thing is that the AGNULA team will try to
    guenter> integrate more into Debian, I am currently uploading Paul
    guenter> Bossiers supercollider package, several other AGNULA
    guenter> packages are already in Debian (from Free Ekanayaka or
    guenter> Hans Fugal). This means that Demudi will be more or less
    guenter> a subset of the Debian packages, but with an installer,
    guenter> the wonderfull documentation of Dave Phillips and all the
    guenter> user support that is offered by the AGNULA/Demudi team.

    Free> Yes, this exactly the idea :) Of course we have to be
    Free> patient.

    guenter> As of the Live CD. As a user it is most of the time a
    guenter> pleasant experience having a knoppix based distribution
    guenter> installed, up to the time when you want to
    guenter> upgrade. Knoppix uses some non standard (non Debian)
    guenter> startup scripts which partly depend on the way the
    guenter> Knoppix packages are setup.  (or, the Debian packages
    guenter> that Knoppix uses at that time). The problem that you can
    guenter> have with that is that if you like to upgrade your system
    guenter> to a more recent Debian snapshot, these scripts may break
    guenter> because they are somehow "out of the system".

    Free> I strongly suggest to *not* install the DeMuDi live CD.  I
    Free> know everybody is tempted to do that, but you really get
    Free> something difficult to manage.

    Free> If you really want/need to upgrade please do it against
    Free> debian testing, which in this moment seems rather stable
    Free> with respect to the audio applications.

    Free> cheers,

    Free> free

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