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CDD subset mirror neccessary?

Am Wednesday 05 May 2004 09:46 schrieb Sergio Talens-Oliag:

>   The reduced mirror makes sense for the School Servers, for example.
>   Using our package lista and debmirror they can have an updated local
>   copy of the supported packages using less diskspace and less bandwith.

You can use apt-cache for this, you know? I am using it and it works out 
great. Granted the visible list of packages is not reduced (without debtags). 
But I didn't really understand yet why you'd want to subset the packages list 
down anyway. Just makes installing the next little utility not in your subset 
harder than a simple apt-get install.

Don't know if the install CD generation does have anything to do with the 
packages list or if uses other information like the maybe dpkg selections.


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