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Re: Raw script of Valencia talk

El Wed, May 05, 2004 at 09:15:39AM +0200, Andreas Tille escribió:
> On Tue, 4 May 2004, Sergio Talens-Oliag wrote:
> >   * A tool to generate an apt-source with only the subset of the full
> >     Debian Package list needed to install the CDD. This can be used for
> >     Derived Distributions, for specialized mirrors, to build
> >     installation CDs for one or various flavors of the CDD, etc.
> Hmmm, what's the sense of a subset mirror???
> I'd strongly vote against a separate mirror and for tools which work
> on the official mirror to do whatever you want.

  My idea is to be able to generate easily a Package list with ONLY the
  Debian packages needed for the Custom Distribution to simplify
  mainteinance for our project (we will only give user support for the
  packages included in our CDD).
  In fact my idea is to have an official Debian mirror and, on the same
  machine, offer the Debian apt sources and another apt source with
  reduced Packages and Source files that point to the same package pool
  (they use the same physical files).

  The reduced mirror makes sense for the School Servers, for example.
  Using our package lista and debmirror they can have an updated local
  copy of the supported packages using less diskspace and less bandwith.

  That doesn't means that the CDD can't be included in Debian, it's just
  a tool to give a 'reduced' view of the full package list for users and
  of course if they use a 'standard' package list they can install
  everything from Debian.

> >   * A tool to build LiveCDs (this has been discussed in this list, I
> >     want to listen to everybody here and start work on it).
> Well, this is neither missing in the talk nor in the paper.  But my plan
> was to make this issue shorter in the talk than it is in the script
> currently because I would like to point to the paper and leave the rest
> for further discussion.  But if it is high on top of your preferences I
> keep it as is.

  Well, what I want is to discuss about it later, I don't feel that it
  is a top priority now, but it will be ... ;)
> >   * A mechanism to be able to update data from the packages in Derived
> >     distributions (i.e. we need a lot of translations not present in
> >     Debian, if they are not ready for Sarge we can provide them from a
> >     different source until the next stable release without recompiling
> >     binaries and multiplatform security updates ... ;)
> This topic has to be discussed in fact.  For the moment enforce people
> to get the needed translations into Sarge. (I guess the non-free firmware /
> docuentation issue will give us some time until release ;-) or
> rather :-(( - but I do not spend my time in following these threads ...)

  My idea is to have some kind of common technology to do this kind of
  things, I'm sure that including everything in Sarge is not going to
  avoid this kind of problems in the future, so is better to have a
  standard solution for this cases and of course try to avoid it's use
  including things in Debian proper.

  I'm sure we will need to add or review translations after Sarge's
  release, and once the Offical Release is out updating the Debian
  packages only for the translations is difficult, and building our own
  binaries only for this reason is also a waste of resources.
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