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Re: Raw script of Valencia talk

On Wed, 5 May 2004, Sergio Talens-Oliag wrote:

>   That doesn't means that the CDD can't be included in Debian, it's just
>   a tool to give a 'reduced' view of the full package list for users and
>   of course if they use a 'standard' package list they can install
>   everything from Debian.
Ahhh, you mean a separate Packages.gz file for each CDD, right?
Well, this might be interesting.  (I wish you good luck in convincing
ftpmaster. ;-) )

>   Well, what I want is to discuss about it later, I don't feel that it
>   is a top priority now, but it will be ... ;)
Sure.  That's why I wanted to reduce this part of my talk to "just mention
it - details later".

>   My idea is to have some kind of common technology to do this kind of
>   things, I'm sure that including everything in Sarge is not going to
>   avoid this kind of problems in the future, so is better to have a
>   standard solution for this cases and of course try to avoid it's use
>   including things in Debian proper.
Well, what about

    6.1.3 Documentation packages



I suggest that we join forces to help Grisu to get DDTP working again after the
break in and it's a real shame that this is not yet working.  Grisu plans to
get it working when LinuxTag in Karlsruhe starts.  But any helping hand might be
a good thing.

>   I'm sure we will need to add or review translations after Sarge's
>   release, and once the Offical Release is out updating the Debian
>   packages only for the translations is difficult, and building our own
>   binaries only for this reason is also a waste of resources.
This is the idea of DDTP ...

Kind regards


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