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Re: diskless package issues...

Since your questions are of a general nature, I'm replying to the list so others can help answer them.

M. Bernardoff wrote:

I'm using (true) diskless boot for about 1 year, but without using any packages, building everythings myself... It's a good way to learn but a good way to loose time too :o)
So, I'm interessted in some details :
how is the separation of /var and /etc done ? Ramdrive ? nfs with --tranlate-names ? seprate directories ?

The diskless-newimage script in the diskless package creates a common root directory which the hosts share, intended to be read-only, e.g. in /var/lib/diskless/default/root. This root includes an init script which mounts separate read-write /etc and /var directories, which are created on the server by the diskless-newhost script e.g. in /var/lib/diskless/default/ and var. diskless-newimage creates an etc/fstab file, which is modified by diskless-newhost and put into with NFS mount points for root, etc, var and var/lib/dpkg. It's really very well-done.

I suggest installing diskless and reading its documentation for details, there's a very detailed howto on everything from building kernels to setting up NFS, tftp, dhcp, etc. It should probably be updated though to reflect the new dhcp-3, which seems to be able to support netbooting better.

a commun /dev may be a issue on some systems (for exemple with multimedia machines) is it separate too ?
   how /tmp is mounted with this package ?

/tmp is shared and read-only. That's a good point, maybe it should be a symlink to /var/tmp?

   did the package manage network PXE booting (true diskless) ?

No, it only sets up the NFS root stuff, but its documentation describes how to do that.

I would be glad to have some information about this, but too much work to dig in the package. If someone could answer some of my questions, it would be very intersting. even a "mount > send.me.this.file" , a "dmesg > this.one.too" and some /etc/exports, /etc/fstab, "tree /tftpboot > bigger.but.send.it.to.me.anyway" on a working diskless system managed with this package would be very interesting for me :o)

The documentation includes many of these...


-Adam P.

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