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Re: diskless package issues...

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

Since your questions are of a general nature, I'm replying to the list so others can help answer them.

M. Bernardoff wrote:

a commun /dev may be a issue on some systems (for exemple with multimedia machines) is it separate too ?

(Forgot to answer this earlier.) We're using devfs on the nodes, without devfsd, it seems to work fine.

   how /tmp is mounted with this package ?

/tmp is shared and read-only. That's a good point, maybe it should be a symlink to /var/tmp?

Another idea: the diskless-newimage script could prompt for local disk and swap mount points (or diskless-newhost in case they will be different for different hosts), and create swap and /scratch entries in fstab, then if /scratch(es) exist, ask whether to symlink /tmp to /scratch/tmp or /var/tmp (since read-only /tmp is kinda not so helpful).

Running "diskless" with disks on the machines would still be advantageous for management reasons, but the disks could provide helpful caches such as /tmp and for filesystems like AFS, Coda/InterMezzo, etc.


-Adam P.

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