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diskless package issues...


I've just started using the diskless package, and it's great! I love the way it sets up the root dir to actually boot, which it wouldn't if one just unpacked the .tgz. And the automatic setup of separate /etc and /var for each machine is really cool!

I have three questions. First, when I chroot to /var/lib/diskless/default/root and install new packages, /etc and /var updates don't propagate to the host /etc and /var directories. Are there plans to make this work -- for example, to have a "diskless-update" script to update all of those dirs?

Second, woody seems to have a new way of installing base using packages in basedebs.tar instead of base.tgz. Are there plans to update diskless accordingly, e.g. using dpkg --install --root?

Third, is there a way to make the console work so users can log in there? I always get something like "id 1 respawning too fast, disabling for 5 minutes".

I think diskless could be not just a great beowulf tool, but a terrific way to simplify management of any cluster of machines, whether workstations or servers. It's a really neat package!


-Adam P.

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