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Re: Maybe it's time we start moderating this group

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 09:08:56PM -0600, Drew Raines wrote:
> Joel Baker <lucifer@lightbearer.com>:
> >
> > > This isn't the only reason people post with addresses differing from
> > > their subscription address.
> > 
> > Nobody has given me any more valid reason, to date.
> I use qmail.  I could subscribe to this list with
>    drew-debian-beowulf@phg.mc.vanderbilt.edu
> so messages automatically filter to a particular folder without the use of
> an separate MDA.  Then when I post a message to the list, I use
>    drew@phg.mc.vanderbilt.edu
> so personal replies go directly to my inbox.

I do very similar things on some lists. I also use Mutt, and configure it
to automagically use the suitable address, when posting to the list. The
replies then go into the folder, right alongside the list traffic that
they're relevant to.

> Some people also use anti-spam measures which use different addresses for
> each post (see my From: address).  This is rare nowadays, but it might
> become more common in the future.

So... I should have to see more spam, so that you can see less? That's
all I can interpret that as saying. And/or, get off the list.

> > [...] If I'm responsible for letting myself be spammed, the list is
> > just as responsible, for letting itself be spammed.
> I see your point.  It's an annoying problem with no good solution for those
> who are trying to be vigilant.  I can't wait for SMTP to be replaced.

It's a fairly fundamental problem, unfortunately, and replacing SMTP would
not really do anything to fix it that I can see.
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