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Re: Maybe it's time we start moderating this group

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 01:48:31PM -0600, Drew Raines wrote:
> "Jonathan D. Proulx" <jon@ai.mit.edu>:
> >
> > I'd advocate restricting posting to subscribers and having
> > s.o. unsubscribe any spam that still makes it by.
> I'm probably the minority here, but I vote for not restricting the list.
> People sometimes subscribe to lists using a different address from the one
> with which they post.
> The amount of spam on this list has been minimal, and, not to mention, the
> only traffic :-)

I seem to get a few pieces a week, solely from my various Debian lists.
Given how many I *know* get stopped on the average list (since I run some
with subscriber-only posting), this is low, not high.

I'll be blunt: I considered the issue of posting from non-reading addresses
and then wait "Wait. What am I *thinking*? Hotmail gives out *free* email
addresses. Why should I have to deal with *more* spam just so these folks
can have chronically broken setups?"

Seriously - I have yet to have anyone show me a valid case, on my lists,
for why they should be put into the exceptions list (I do have one, to
allow posting by non-readers).

I take that back. I got one good reason - one list is subscribed to an
announcement list from the vendor related to it, because the vendor came
to me and asked how to handle that sort of thing. But they don't read from
it at all, so it doesn't really fit.

I vote for closing it off. I guarantee it will reduce the spam to just
about nil. If that means the list isn't getting any traffic, well then that
raises the question of why the lists exists. But that's an entirely other
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