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Hello everyone


My name is Dan Nedelko and I have recently subscribed to the list and
would like to say Hi to everyone on the list. I am a researcher at
Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA. 

Working mainly in the realm of computational physics and GUI design, I
am embarking on a project to build a 16 node cluster of SUN SparcStation
20's. It's a humble project, mainly to see how well I can implement the
system. Hopefully, the concept will catch fire here and we can build
more elaborate systems. 

After poking around, I have decided to go  with Debian, because well,
it's Debian and I love it. 

I have begun documenting all areas of the implementation phase and I was
wondering if anything needs doing with the Debian-Beowulf port. Is there
anything I can help with. I have a number of other volunteer researchers
and some willing students, so it's possible that we may be able to
contribute back to the great team who made the Sparc Linux install so
pleasant (we only did one test on a standalone, but it was very very
impressive, in fact smoother than many x86 setups I have done).

Looking forward to working in the community, collaborating on results
and tests and hopefully contributing something back!


Dan Nedelko

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