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Re: Maybe it's time we start moderating this group

Joel Baker <lucifer@lightbearer.com>:
> > This isn't the only reason people post with addresses differing from
> > their subscription address.
> Nobody has given me any more valid reason, to date.

I use qmail.  I could subscribe to this list with

so messages automatically filter to a particular folder without the use of
an separate MDA.  Then when I post a message to the list, I use


so personal replies go directly to my inbox.

Some people also use anti-spam measures which use different addresses for
each post (see my From: address).  This is rare nowadays, but it might
become more common in the future.

> [...] If I'm responsible for letting myself be spammed, the list is
> just as responsible, for letting itself be spammed.

I see your point.  It's an annoying problem with no good solution for those
who are trying to be vigilant.  I can't wait for SMTP to be replaced.


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