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Re: Building MPE for LAM.

Junichi Uekawa wrote:


I am thinking of making "mpich-mpe-source" package, which contains a .tar.bz2 of MPE source-tree, so that LAM can extract it at build-time,
to create MPE for LAM.

Any thoughts?

Sounds cool.  Just two questions:

First, suppose I have a package which can be built against mpich or lam, selected by an environment variable (defaults to mpich). Will the future lam3-dev be all I need to build this with MPE support in lam? Will I be able to just link -lmpe -lpmpich, or will those names change? Will they be shared libs, or just static like in mpich?

Second, why create a new package, instead of just including it in the lam source, or extracting it at bulid time using "apt get source mpich && mv mpich-ver.si.on/src/mpe ." somewhere in debian/rules (like atlas does for blas and lapack)?


-Adam P.

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