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Re: mosix packaging.

>> However, at times we would see heavy arp activity, which would choke all
>> the 100MBPS. I'm not sure if it was mosix or something else, but since then,
>> we changed lots of things, and can't be sure what was the cause.

> My network administrator noticed similar things coming from my small cluster.
> After a bit of investigation, it seems that if a node goes down in a Mosix
> cluster, all the other nodes arpflood with who-has requests. It became such a
> pain that I only enable the cluster after working hours, so as not to flood
> others' connections.

Has anyone inquired about this on the mosix mailing list ? And if so,
is there a  way to fix it ? Cause, I would then like to run a mosix kernel
all the time, instead of only after working hours.
> While on the subject of mosix, same network admin mentioned that MPI/PVM may
> run into trouble on the cluster. Any thoughts on that?

MPI programs won't work, as mosix doesn't yet implement migratable sockets.
I hear that the mosix guys are researching on this.

PVM should work though, cause there are some MOSIX/PVM papers available from
mosix.org. Of course, they couldn't have measured performance if it wasn't
possible. ;-)


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