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Re: mosix packaging.

> It'll be useful to package, I've gotten about 1/3 of the way (in
> scripting up the tar-ball to kernel.deb + utilities) and I know others
> are further along than I.

Are you working on it still ? Could you send me your debian/ directory ?

> I've experienced some major instability with 2.4.3+Mosix, note sure
> how much of it is MOSIX and how much is other things (2.4.3 runs well
> on our non-clustered machines).

Did you try the beta, or the alpha?
Yes, the 2.2.x series worked like a charm.

However, at times we would see heavy arp activity, which would choke all
the 100MBPS. I'm not sure if it was mosix or something else, but since then,
we changed lots of things, and can't be sure what was the cause.

But it was simply great on 2.2.x. I'm going to try in on 2.4.x sometime
next week.


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