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Re: Which queue/load balancing system for a debian boewulf cluster

Alexandre Vitrac (vitrac@basilic.ceng.cea.fr) said:

> But if you don't care about a .deb, you'll have far more choices (and
> you will be able to do your own .deb). There is a number of free batch
> systems. But two I know about are GenericNQS and PBS.
> The first is plain old NQS, but it has strong limitations with regard
> to parallel jobs, and it's quite old. The latter is more modern and
> seems to be a better choice. It can be found on http://www.openpbs.org.

on 5 December, the beowulf@beowulf.org mailing list had a post by Joey
Raheb about several queuing solutions:

PBS - http://www.openpbs.org                                                    
NQS - http://umbc7.umbc.edu/nqs/nqsmain.html                                    
DQS - http://www.scri.fsu.edu/~pasko/dqs.html                                   
Condor - http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/              

For his needs, he thought DQS and PBS had the best features.  I can
say from experience that PBS is hard (to put it mildly) to configure,
but a lot of people like PBS.  


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