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Re: subarchitectures (was Re: What to do with optimization flags ? )

Ben Collins (bcollins@debian.org) said:

> On Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 12:14:53PM -0500, Camm Maguire wrote:
> > 4) Most importantly, it appears that atlas cannot cross-compile,
> >    i.e. the compiled code must *run* on the compilation machine.  From
> >    what I can see, this makes it impossible to autobuild fully
> >    optimized version(s) of this package given the current machines at
> >    Debian's disposal.  I can set the package up to autobuild a generic
> >    x86 lib, like it does currently, which will autobuild successfully.
> >    But I could also produce a fully optimized binary package covering
> >    p3,p2,k6,k7 given the machines available here.  My question: is
> >    there anyway to get such a binary package to override the
> >    auto-built binary packages in the distribution?
> That's a downfall in atlas, IMO. There should be a way to compile for a
> CPU, without actually having that CPU. You will most likely have to hack
> the atlas build process to get this done.

Is rebuiding from the source deb acceptable?  If one is using
precompiled binary packages, one has to accept that the packager is
aiming for a wide target at the expense of speed enhancements.  The
users will gladly recompile if it's only a step or two, and that's all
it takes to see speedup

As long as the rebuilding step can be expressed as one command line,
i'd say that's the best you can hit without infinitely diverse


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