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Re: First Beowulf cluster. Some pointers?

On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 08:37:33PM +0200, Eray Ozkural (exa) wrote:
> It isn't their fault that they can't deliver a
> magic solution to HPC needs, you simply can't do HPC without knowing
> about your application semantics (to solve a fluid flow problem with
> a parallel machine, you need to know how it can be converted into
> a concurrent form)

Yes, nothing like knowing the problem. Though a lot of problems nowadays
are embrarrasingly parallel. Often, it so happens that one just wants to
run large sets of data through the same program, which would usually be
done sequentially on a single CPU. 
But with hardware becoming cheaper, and the ability to make clusters out
of commodity hardware, I seem to be able to find more and more uses for 

Why, during the day, when people are working, I'm thinking of running
setiathome using mosix ! Though I haven't tried it yet.

> We have a 32 node cluster here, and I'd like to try MOSIX on it. Which
> version of the kernel do you run?

2.2.16. Works fine, but I keep the NFS server out of the mosix cluster,
even though it doesn't do anything useful otherwise.

I read a couple of posts saying absolute NO to NFS-Root. I've been using
it for over 3 months now without experiencing any trouble whatsoever. Is
it a NO if you have say 10 MBPS Ethernet and slow machines, or are there
other reasons ? 


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