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Re: Recommended git packaging work flow for backports?

Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> writes:

> Hi Simon,
> On Freitag, 24. April 2015, Simon Josefsson wrote:
>> Do you commit your dch --bpo change in debian/changelog and sign that
>> tag?  What do you do when you want to make an unstable upload?  Remove
>> the bpo changelog entry or let it stay?
> I go back to the last commit in the master branch.
> So eg
> git checkout 0.52
> dch --bpo
> git commit -a -m "release as 0.52~bpo8+1"
> git tag -s 0.52_bpo8+1 -m "release as 0.52~bpo8+1"
> git push
> git checkout master # equals 0.52 atm

Ah.  Not as formalized as a separate branch so you can follow what
happened during the lifetime of all jessie-backports releases, but at
least all history is recorded.  Thanks, I'm leaning towards this model
right now as it looks like it will save me some work to maintain a
separate branch.

Now if I can only get that backports ACL I could get to work. :-)


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