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Re: Please do NOT upload packages with newer versions than in wheezy to squeeze-backports


Am 25.08.2012 10:11, schrieb Gerfried Fuchs:

>> Regarding nagvis: It's a pebkac introduced false positive.  The package
>> in backports is a wrongly versioned backport of the package in
>> wheezy/sid.  It should have gotten the version 1:1.6.6+dfsg.1-2~bpo60+1
>> (instead of -3~bpo60+1).
>  Thanks for clearing this up.  Given that every upload to wheezy would
> have a higher version (given our versioning schema) this might look
> strange that people stick with the "bpo" version after the upgrade, but
> me thinks that's acceptable, given that it's technicly the same code.
> Also, there doesn't seem to be any dependency differences between the
> squeeze-backports version and the wheezy version, so I guess this is a
> lucky case of being an arch:all package.

Yes, that's a lucky one.  Also it's quite unlickely that jessie will
stick with 1:1.6.6, as upstream has already released several betas for
1.7.  So the upgrade path from wheezy to jessie should work again, too.

Best regards,

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