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Re: btrfs-tools


On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 05:00:45PM +0100, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Am Montag, 15. Februar 2010 schrieb Sebastian Harl:
> > > There has been some sponsoring request regarding btrfs-tools in May 2009,
> > > so if someone wants to sponsor this updated version thats fine with me.
> > > If  not, thats fine with me to. I will provide updates as long as I use
> > > Lenny on my Workstation at work at least.
> >
> > Do you consider the package to be stable enough to be available for
> > stable (in a rather official/well-known place)? What do other think
> > about making btrfs stuff available in bpo? If there are no objections,
> > I'll sponsor the upload.
> Well it basically works with a self built 2.6.32 kernel. I think it won't work 
> with 2.6.30 bpo kernel as there was a format change. Upstream considers it as 
> experimental. Raid options - at least raid1 - do not appear to work yet, at 
> least according to df disk usage figures (see below). So no, not stable for 
> production use, not stable for production data - insert your favorite 
> But IMHO stable enough to play around with it. So interesting for everyone who 
> wants to have an early glimpse at BTRFS without upgrading his Debian system 
> to squeeze/sid. btrfs-tools 0.19 is quite old in itself already compared to 
> git HEAD, but thats what official available in Debian Squeeze/Sid ATM.
> I do not have a firm oppinion. On one side I would not like to advertise BTRFS 
> as being stable. On the other hand it can come quite handy to have some BTRFS 
> test partition running on an Debian Lenny machine. Make your pick.

I've talked to some people on IRC and the consensus was that anybody
using BTRFS should be knowing what he/she is doing and that it would be
fine to upload btrfs-tools to bpo.

nobse told me that Linux 2.6.32 is going to be uploaded to bpo soonish,
so I'll wait for that before uploading btrfs-tools as well.

Supposedly (according to some people), not much coordination between
kernel and user space tools is required but please keep in mind to track
the kernel on bpo to minimize the risk of having incompatible versions

Thanks for your work!


PS: You might want to add yourself to Uploaders: -- you can then track
    the package on your QA page:

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