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Re: Pidgin uninstallable

* Jason Tan Boon Teck <jasontn@gmail.com> [2009-12-15 15:28:33 CET]:
> Thanks for the update. That means I'll just have to wait a while more.
> Slightly off-topic - would I be able to retain my saved conversations
> by upgrading from Lenny's Pidgin? I noticed a blogger wrote that he
> upgraded without any problem, but he had removed Lenny's before
> installing from backports.

 The log is stored in ~/.purple/log/ and isn't touched at all by any
package. About having to remove the lenny version of the package before
installing from backports - I can't relate. If that is the case then it
is a bug that should get addressed (and please also get reported), but I
rather suspect that it was a misusage on that person's end.

 Have fun. :)

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