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Re: Pidgin uninstallable


* Jason Tan Boon Teck <jasontn@gmail.com> [2009-12-15 14:49:37 CET]:
> I tried to install Pidgin from backports today but I faced the
> depedency problems as highlighted a few months earlier. Has this been
> resolved? Is there another way to install Pidgin properly?

 Yes, it has and will be resolved, again and again: With patience.
Please read the lately enriched FAQ:

Q: I have troubles installing $package because of strange

A: This is most of the times rooted in the above mentioned delay in
getting packages built for all architectures. The architecture
independent packages are available right from the start (because they
are included in the original upload) but the architecture depending
packages need a bit until they make it into the pool. 

 Have a nice day,

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