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Re: Pidgin uninstallable


* Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@deb.at> [2009-09-22 23:08:04 CEST]:
>  First of all, right ahead: SORRY for this serious mistake of mine.
> Somehow I puzzled my chroots in which I did build the package and thus
> didn't notice the new build-dependency through that which is
> unsatisfyable for backports. In the events of that I left the digital
> world for a vacation and just returned to find out about this..
>  I'm terribly sorry and will try to get that fixed soonish.

 And there it is:

 It has voice/video disabled and thus doesn't need libgstfarsight
anymore - I'm trying to reach the buildd admins to remove that wrong

 So long, and again, sorry for my mistake, hope the package can get
built soonish for your preferred architecture!


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