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Re: mercurial backport failed to build - quilt backport required?

Alexander Wirt wrote:
> Vincent Danjean schrieb am Tuesday, den 18. August 2009:
>> So, I will reupload mercurial and depend on (quilt >> 0.46-6) instead of
>> (quilt >= 0.46-7).
> No. Depend on the specific backport version. 

Sorry, too late.

I change the dependency in the 'main' repo (ie the svn repo of the unstable
packaging). This change will also be in unstable in the next upload (but unless
you require it, I do not plan to upload mercurial to unstable with just this
change). I want to minimize the changes between backports and unstable.

  Do you think that (>= X-Y) should be written (>= X-Y~~) so that it works
both for unstable, backport and correctly manage security updates (I just
realized now that if a security quilt package 0.46-6+... is uploaded, my
dependency will not work)

  Do you want I reupload with (quilt >= 0.46-7~~) ?


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