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Re: Firefox/Iceweasel 3.5


 Can all please take their happy pills again and calm down a bit?
Thanks. :)

* Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> [2009-07-08 17:13:50 CEST]:
> Still, Mike posted various progress reports (see e.g. [1]). That's not
> what I called “it is not packaged”.
>  1. http://glandium.org/blog/?p=376

 Well, progress reports _is_ "not packaged" to some degree. To most
people "packaged" means available as a package, and many of them expect
them to be in the regular pool too - especially since the context here
is the backports.org service which has it in its rules that there has to
be a package for it in squeeze.

 Can we get back to a decent round of "it is" "it isn't" "is too" again? :)


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