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Hi all,

I have just recently taken over maintenance for krecipes.  This
package was unmaintained for over two years and had a RC bug which
prevented it to be released with lenny.

The new package is not in testing, yet, but it should migrate any

Now, I would like to make it easy for lenny users to install krecipes
if they wish to do so.  The only dependency of the current package
which prevents the direct installation of the current package in sid
on lenny is libsqlite3-0.  This package in turn only depends on libc6
(on the main architectures anyway) which is recent enough on lenny.

Does this situation justify a lenny-backport?  Or should users just
update libsqlite3-0 to install krecipes?

Anyway, I have uploaded a package built for lenny to mentors.d.n:


If anyone here thinks that this would be a reasonable candidate for
backports I would appreciate if they could upload the package.

I will go on vacation on Friday.  That's why I did not want to wait
with this until it really migrates to testing.



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