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Re: php4 backports anyone?

Fionn Behrens wrote:
> I have a customer who is running a very large project on PHP4. Because
> of subtle object usage details in programming, a port to PHP5 would be
> pretty identical to a complete rewrite (about 6-8 man-months estimated)
> and is not financially feasible because of short budgets (like
> everywhere).

PHP4 was very popular and for similar reasons there are many people in
a similar situation as you are with the current PHP4 to PHP5 migration.

This was discussed recently on this list and you might find the
discussion there interesting.  Here is my own follow-up posting to a
recent discussion.


My solution is to use an Etch chroot.  But any easy virtualization
technique should be useful here.  I would at least upgrade your system
to Etch and get current on security upgrades to the present day.  Then
you can worry about moving the system to Lenny.  One thing at a time
is easier.

> However, a server upgrade is on the list (they still run sarge) and I
> need to know if anyone knows about a repository or something where
> anyone hosts some sort of more-or-less-maintained backport repository
> for ANY debian or deb-based Linux-Distribution that still gets security
> updates! (they are on sarge, currently)

Etch is still getting security upgrades for at least a while longer.


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