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Re: etch-backports strangeness

* Roberto C. Sánchez <roberto@connexer.com> [2009-02-16 15:55:21 CET]:
> Sorry for not being more precise, but that is not it.  Packages are only
> being upgraded to the latest version of etch-backports (whether or not
> the version currently installed on the system was pulled from
> etch-backports) and there are no occurrences of "stable" in my
> sources.list.

 You are still not really more precise still, unfortunately. You don't
mention which packages wants to get updated, don't offer your
sources.list (nor sources.list.d/* files) or any apt-cache policy output
of any of the packages you don't expect to get updated/have updates

 Best we can do is guessing while you are not providing actual data to
investigate further.

 So long. :)

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