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Re: Request backport of Bacula 2 for etch?

* Sven Hartge <sven@svenhartge.de> [2007-09-14 11:52:30 CEST]:
> Paul Muster wrote:
> > Marc Sherman wrote:
> >> Marc Sherman wrote:
> >>> ... I'd like to request that someone please backport Bacula 2.0.3.
> >> I'd still like to request a Bacula backport from testing, if anyone is
> >> willing to maintain it.
> > AOL, me2.

 In the meantime I'm almost ready - qwt made no problems at all for
backporting, so there is no need to disable anything in the bacula build

> But apart from these issues, I backported 2.2.3 (using the 2.2.0 package
> and uupdate to 2.2.3) myself, removing bat and the trayicon and
> disabling the debug_level check in src/lib/daemon.c (very crude hack, I
> know) and it works as well as expected.

 I can just speak for myself, and the bpo policy: changes other than
those needed to get the package building on etch won't go in.  This is a
thing that has to get addressed in the unstable/testing package first,
and I really hope you have sent bugreports/patches for that to the
maintainer of bacula in Debian, given your deep insight into the issue.

 So long,

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