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Re: Request backport of Bacula 2 for etch?

Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> * Sven Hartge <sven@svenhartge.de> [2007-09-14 11:52:30 CEST]:

>> But apart from these issues, I backported 2.2.3 (using the 2.2.0
>> package and uupdate to 2.2.3) myself, removing bat and the trayicon
>> and disabling the debug_level check in src/lib/daemon.c (very crude
>> hack, I know) and it works as well as expected.

> I can just speak for myself, and the bpo policy: changes other than 
> those needed to get the package building on etch won't go in.  This
> is a thing that has to get addressed in the unstable/testing package
> first,

Yes, of course. I was never implying to change the code/package in the
way I did, I was just desperate to get the new version out to my servers.

> and I really hope you have sent bugreports/patches for that to the 
> maintainer of bacula in Debian, given your deep insight into the
> issue.

I opened a bug and reported my findings (#441621), but I still don't
knwo, why the bacula daemons behave like this since 2.2.x. Unfortunately
I don't have the time right now to single step the process startup via
gbd or to insert printfs to debug the problem any further, so this is up
to upstream.


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