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NVidia drivers?


I am using sarge and the 2.6.16 backportrs.org kernel, would like to
update to 2.6.17 if possible.

I have installed a new video card and now I need NVidia proprietary
drivers. (Before this I had an older ATI card that worked fully with open
source drivers).

So I have questions:

- Is there a way to run the NVidia proprietary driver with the bpo 2.6.17
kernel? Is the correct (and working) interface already packaged; if not,
will an installation relying on the kernel source work correctly?

- If 2.6.17 is not available, how about 2.6.16?

- Will the newer NVidia proprietary drivers, required for 2.6.16 or
2.6.17, work with XFree86 from sarge? If not, will they work with X.Org
from bpo?

This will be my first installation of a proprietary video driver, so I
don't know much about them yet...

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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