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Re: NVidia drivers?

mr@ramendik.ru wrote:

- Is there a way to run the NVidia proprietary driver with the bpo 2.6.17


Is the correct (and working) interface already packaged;

Sort of.

You'll need the headers for the bpo kernel in addition to the image package.

Then you'll want module-assistant, nvidia-glx, and nvidia-kernel-source.

Once these are installed and you're running the new kernel the following (as root) should compile and install the nvidia kernel module:

m-a a-i nvidia-kernel

- Will the newer NVidia proprietary drivers, required for 2.6.16 or
2.6.17, work with XFree86 from sarge? If not, will they work with X.Org
from bpo?

AFAIK, they work with both.

Jamin W. Collins

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