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Re: udev 0.87-1 driving me crazy.[off-topic]

that's preciselly what I tried . It didn't work. In the downgrading process I lost my rules.d content. Now I'm back on the road again, with udev 0.87-1. I still don't understand my speed loss in booting the system, but that's something for the kernel-hacking-gods-of-linux-heaven.
Thomas Walter wrote:
On Mon, 2006-03-27 at 22:05, Keith Edmunds wrote:
Jose de Zarate wrote:
After a couple of desperate hours (I can't afford losing the system)
Sorry to sound harsh, but if you can't afford to lose the system then
why upgrade udev? ANY change of system software has risks attached.

But reverting, i.e. reinstall the previous version, should avoid such
massive impact.


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