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Re: libsvn0-1.2.3dfsg1-2bpo1: missing perl swig bindings

On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 01:38:56PM -0500, GNU Dev wrote:

>     < /usr/lib/libsvn_swig_perl-1.so.0
>     < /usr/lib/libsvn_swig_perl-1.so.0.0.0
>     < /usr/lib/libsvn_swig_py-1.so.0
>     < /usr/lib/libsvn_swig_py-1.so.0.0.0
>     38a35
>     > /usr/share/doc/libsvn0/changelog.gz
> When I said it should be an easy fix, to clarify, the pkg just needs to be
> compiled with the right flags to ./configure, i.e. --with-perl
> --with-python, or something like that. I can't imagine why this would be
> difficult to accomplish. I'd do it myself if I was set up for generating
> .debs and submitting them to backports.org.

Ok I double checked that. You've just to install the right packages.
The libs moved into libsvn-core-perl, and python2.3-subversion.
I even unpacked them by hand to be sure, yes they are their. So I guess
you just missed to install the right package from backports. Maybe
forget to pass aptitude the -t sarge-backports flag or something like this.

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