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Re: libsvn0-1.2.3dfsg1-2bpo1: missing perl swig bindings

<quote who="Sven Hoexter">
> On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 11:42:02AM -0500, GNU Dev wrote:
>> libsvn-core-perl (Version: 1.1.4-2) package was installed from stable,
>> but
>> including SVN::Client perl module in a script results in the following
>> error in apache:
>> [error] Can't load '/usr/lib/perl5/auto/SVN/_Core/_Core.so' for module
>> SVN::_Core: libsvn_swig_perl-1.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No
>> such file or directory at /usr/lib/perl/5.8/DynaLoader.pm line 225.
> Talking about swig, the libsvn_swig_py.so is also missing (looks like it's
> even missing in unstable) which renders viewcvs unusable for svn repos.
> Sven

Alright, so, to clarify, I diffed the listing of files provided by the
unstable version (installed on "server1") versus the backports.org version
(installed on server2). Here's the result of my quick comparison:

root@server1:~/# apt-show-versions | grep -e 'svn\|subversion'
    libapache2-svn/unstable upgradeable from 1.2.3a-1 to 1.2.3dfsg1-3
    libsvn-mirror-perl/stable uptodate 0.61-1
    python2.3-subversion/unstable upgradeable from 1.2.3a-1 to 1.2.3dfsg1-3
    libsvn-simple-perl/stable uptodate 0.27-1
    libsvn-core-perl/stable uptodate 1.1.4-2
    subversion-tools/unstable upgradeable from 1.2.3a-1 to 1.2.3dfsg1-3
    subversion/unstable upgradeable from 1.2.3a-1 to 1.2.3dfsg1-3
    libsvn0/unstable upgradeable from 1.2.3a-1 to 1.2.3dfsg1-3

root@server2:~/# apt-show-versions | grep -e 'svn\|subversion'
    libapache2-svn/sarge-backports uptodate 1.2.3dfsg1-2bpo1
    python2.3-subversion/sarge-backports uptodate 1.2.3dfsg1-2bpo1
    libsvn-core-perl/stable uptodate 1.1.4-2
    subversion-tools/sarge-backports uptodate 1.2.3dfsg1-2bpo1
    subversion/sarge-backports uptodate 1.2.3dfsg1-2bpo1
    libsvn0/sarge-backports uptodate 1.2.3dfsg1-2bpo1

## begin pseudo-code
diff $(root@server1:~/#dpkg -L libsvn0 | sort) $(root@server2:~/#dpkg -L
libsvn0 | sort)
    < /usr/lib/libsvn_swig_perl-1.so.0
    < /usr/lib/libsvn_swig_perl-1.so.0.0.0
    < /usr/lib/libsvn_swig_py-1.so.0
    < /usr/lib/libsvn_swig_py-1.so.0.0.0
    > /usr/share/doc/libsvn0/changelog.gz

When I said it should be an easy fix, to clarify, the pkg just needs to be
compiled with the right flags to ./configure, i.e. --with-perl
--with-python, or something like that. I can't imagine why this would be
difficult to accomplish. I'd do it myself if I was set up for generating
.debs and submitting them to backports.org.


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