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Re: rrdtool (1.2.11-0.3bpo1) of bpo and cacti (0.8.6c-7sarge2) of 3.1r1 incompatible


> I did install rrdtool from bpo and libphp-adodb + dbconfig-common from sid 
> (which are only (php-)scripts) + cacti from sid. I think it should be realy 
> easy to rebuild the packages, but I dont have knowledge of meet requirements 
> of bpo.

I backported cacti 0.8.6h and dbconfig-common 1.8.11. To use them simply add
the following lines to your sources.list:

  deb http://debian.tokkee.org/backports.org/ cacti/
  deb http://debian.tokkee.org/backports.org/ dbconfig-common/

What do you need libphp-adodb for? Will the version from Sarge do for you or
do you need a backport?

If anyone wants to sponsor an upload to bpo, please have a look at the
packages in my temporary repository.

> If you need testers, I maybe a candidate .. :)

Go ahead ;-) I didn't (and won't) test these packages - so, I don't want to be
blamed for anything...

Sebastian "tokkee" Harl
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