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Re: rrdtool (1.2.11-0.3bpo1) of bpo and cacti (0.8.6c-7sarge2) of 3.1r1 incompatible


> the recent version of rrdtool of bpo is incompatible with cacti of sarge. The 
> problem is, that rddtool (since 1.2.6?) needs to have escaped ":" in 
> COMMENT-option. This breaks most graphs (all with comments).

I know of this problem but did not really think about it, when creating the
backport as I'm not using any Debian-packaged software with rrdtool.

In my opinion, the best way to solve this problem (and maybe similar problems
with different software packages) is this:

If a backport of the software causing problems (cacti in this case) is
available on bpo that handles the problem fine, you're lucky. If not, you
simply should not use the backport of the dependency until such a backport is

This makes sense as long as the dependency is no library that's used almost
everywhere throughout the system (like libc for example)... rrdtool is
definitly not in that category.

So, to solve your problem: Downgrade to rrdtool from Sarge and wait until a
backport of cacti is available. I'm not using cacti, so it probably does not
make sense if I create such a backport. However, I would gladly do so if I can
find some testers and someone to sponsor the upload...

Sebastian "tokkee" Harl
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