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rrdtool (1.2.11-0.3bpo1) of bpo and cacti (0.8.6c-7sarge2) of 3.1r1 incompatible

Hi there,

the recent version of rrdtool of bpo is incompatible with cacti of sarge. The 
problem is, that rddtool (since 1.2.6?) needs to have escaped ":" in 
COMMENT-option. This breaks most graphs (all with comments).

Two solutions can be found on http://forums.cacti.net/about11077.html

Since it dont make sense to patch the local cacti installation and with 0.8.6c 
of cacti its not possible to choose the rrdtool version, the question comes 
to my mind, if the best way to solve this issue to have cacti with bpo?
Since its mostly php-scripts, there shouldnt be bad builddepencies.

Anybody willing to package? :-)

With kind regards, Jan.
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