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Re: Kate Draven: Rodney's Questions

On Wed February 22 2006 12:18, Kate Draven wrote:
> > I agree with you. What was that simple thing? I'd like to be able to
> > avoid it.
> >
> >
> > Are you saying that deleting the preferences file is the way to solve not
> > being able to see KDE stuff in the repository? I don't understand how
> > that could work.
> Systems vary, I have many different packages on my system, I tend to
> compile more of my stuff where I can so I can learn how to do it. What
> happens on my system may not happen on your's.  We can only generalize
> things. This is the way of any OS to be completely honest. The packages you
> have installed affect how the system behaves.
> What it comes down to, and this is the important part, is that you are not
> alone. If you need help, just ask and we will try to help. In the process,
> you will learn. Trial and error is a great teacher LOL.
> Kate

Thank you Kate. What you say is true and comforting. If you read through the 
whole thread you will see that I'm asking simple questions.
1. Which configuration file did you find garbage in? (Was 
it /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/preferences or some other file?)

2. What are you defining as "garbage" (Was it garbled text that didn't make 
sense or something that was mis-configured? If it was something that was 
mis-configured please state what the mis-configuration was.)

Once you tell me I will be able to try and reproduce the problem here and thus 
be able to learn. I assume you learned something from the process, please 
give me a chance to learn the same thing. Up to this point you still haven't 
stated what problem you found with your system. While it is true that all 
systems are different and have different software (I make the assumption we 
are both using Debian GNU/Linux), the configuration files exist and would be 
operated on similarly. We weren't talking about compiling anything here, this 
was about downloading a backport deb with synaptic package manager. We can do 
more than generalise in this specific case.

I would not keep asking but you did say that your helping would be the right 
thing to do and that I should ask and that you would welcome it. 


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