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Re: How to install OpenOffice 2.0 backport? Unmet dependencies

Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> Rene Engelhard wrote:
> >You can use it with MySQL etc of course with unixodbc. but the internal
> >engine is hsqldb. which is Java. That's why it depends on Java, most
> >"normal" users would want the internal db...
> Wait, "most normal uses would want" is "Recommends" (or even Suggests), 
> not "Depends".

Oh, get rid of that stupid policy argument. Most users will install base
and wonder why it does not work. Most users don't use aptitude which
installs Recommends per default. 

Think of users.

If you don't want -base, don't install it. so what? If you don't want
j2sdk1.4 use equivs.

> But, if its really true that installing w/o Java is OK, then this is a 
> Debian bug, not a backports.org bug.

Maybe, but be assured I'd downgrade it to wishlist if you filed it with
something else.

> Well, backports.org has a main/contrib/non-free split. It is confusing 
> for these to be defined differently from Debian. Not only that, putting 
> stuff in main which really belongs in contrib leads to problems like I 
> had... Main is supposed to be self-contained.

I agree. Well, I could do a OOo backport without java, but that would be
severely crippeld and broken in some instances (like you need Java for
building to get a sane file dialog)



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