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Re: Troubles recompiling OOo 2 backport

Carlos Laviola wrote:
> I have tried to rebuild the OOo packages from backports.org inside a
> sarge pbuilder chroot, but I've come across some problems:
> First out-of-the-box attempt: can't find j2sdk1.4 anywhere. I do not
> have non-free enabled on my pbuilder chroot and no sarge machine to
> test right now, but there's no j2sdk1.4 on my unstable box with
> non-free enabled.

Right. You need to get it from somewhere else.

> Second attempt: ENABLE_JAVA=n
>  -> Considering  kdelibs4-dev (>= 4:3.4.2)
>       Tried versions: 4:3.3.2-6.2
>    -> Does not satisfy version, not trying
> E: Could not satisfy build-dependency.

Should not happen.

> This last problem was apparently fixed in 2.0.0-3, though:
>   * Fix building without debuild: [CH]
>     - work around bug in tcsh: Unknown colorls variable `su'
>     - add /usr/sbin to search path (some icu utils are here)


> I just don't understand why OOo on Debian wants java (and the Sun
> j2sdk1.4, especially!). Is there any advantage to Java support that we

It needs Java everywhere, not just on Debian.
For some filters, wizards (that's why Java is recommended) and some
components (-base). For the latter, since the internal db is useless
without Java, -base depends on it.

> really will miss?

See above.



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