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Accepted acct 6.3.99+6.4pre1-1bpo1 (source i386) Accepted acidbase 1.2.5-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted alsa-driver 1.0.11-1bpo1 (source all) Accepted alsa-utils 1.0.11-3bpo1 (source i386) Accepted amanda 1:2.5.0-1bpo1 (source i386) Accepted amanda 1:2.5.0p2-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted amavisd-new 1:2.3.3-5bpo2 (source all i386) Accepted amule 2.1.1-2bpo1 (source i386) Accepted approx 2.05bpo1 (source i386) Accepted apt (source all i386) Accepted apt (source all i386) Accepted apt-proxy 1.9.33-0.0bpo1 (source all) Accepted arnesi 1:20060513-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted asterisk 1: (source all i386) Accepted asterisk-chan-capi 0.6.5-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted auctex 11.83-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted bacula 1.38.9-9bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted bzr 0.8.2-2bpo1 (source all) Accepted bzrtools 0.8.1-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted ca-certificates 20050803bpo1 (source all) Accepted cdcd 0.6.6-2bpo1 (source i386) Accepted cl-asdf 1.97-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted cl-closer-mop 0.31-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted cl-contextl 0.21-2bpo1 (source all) Accepted cl-lw-compat 0.2-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted cl-pdf 117-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted cl-portable-aserve 1.2.42+cvs.2006.04.24-dfsg-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted cl-ppcre 1.2.14-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted cl-puri 1.4-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted cl-sql 3.6.1-0bpo1 (source all amd64) Accepted cl-uffi 1.5.13-0bpo1 (source all amd64) Accepted common-lisp-controller 6.0bpo1 (source all) Accepted cryptsetup 2:1.0.3-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted cryptsetup 2:1.0.3-1bpo1 (source i386) Accepted debarchiver 0.6.0bpo1 (source all) Accepted debian-archive-keyring 2006.01.17bpo1 (source all) Accepted devscripts 2.9.19bpo1 (source i386) Accepted djvulibre 3.5.17-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted doodle 0.6.5-1bpo1 (source i386) Accepted dput (source all) Accepted dvdisaster 0.66-2bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted ecl 0.9h-20060510-0bpo1 (source all amd64) Accepted electricsheep 2.6.6-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted enigmail 2:0.94-3bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted ettercap 1:0.7.3-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted evince 0.4.0-1bpo1 (source i386) Accepted fail2ban 0.6.1-7bpo2 (source all) Accepted ffmpeg 0.cvs20060329-3bpo1 (source i386) Accepted ffmpeg2theora 0.16-1bpo1 (source i386) Accepted firefox 1.5.dfsg+ (source all i386) Accepted fiveam 1:20060513-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted foremost 1.2-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted freepops 0.0.99-0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted fuse 2.5.3-1bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted gbindadmin 0.1.4-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted gdmap 0.7.5-1bpo1 (source i386) Accepted git-core 1.3.3-0bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted git-core 1.3.3-1bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted git-core 1.4.0-0bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted gitweb 264-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted gnome-doc-utils 0.6.0-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted gnulib 0.0.20060601+dfsg-1bpo1 (source all) Accepted grsync 0.4.2-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted grub 0.97-10bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted hddtemp 0.3-beta15-10bpo1 (source i386) Accepted heartbeat 1.2.4-9bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted heartbeat-2 2.0.5-7bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted hibernate 1.91-1bpo1 (source all) Accepted idesk 0.7.5-1bpo1 (source i386) Accepted ipython 0.7.2-2bpo1 (source all) Accepted irssi-scripts 20060512bpo1 (source all) Accepted italc (source i386) Accepted kdissert 1.0.6-waf-b-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted ketchup 0.9.8-0.0bpo1 (source all) Accepted kiosktool 1.0-1.0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted kmess 1.4.3-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted ksubtile 1.2-3bpo1 (source i386) Accepted kvpnc (source i386) Accepted lftp 3.4.7-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted libapache-mod-musicindex 1.0.2-0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted libpri 1.2.2-2bpo1 (source i386) Accepted links2 2.1pre22-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted linphone 1.3.5-0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted linux-2.6 2.6.16-13bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted linux-2.6.16 2.6.16-14bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted lsb 3.1-9bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted lyx 1.4.1-0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted lyx 1.4.1-1bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted madwifi 0.svn20060207-5bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted make-doc-non-dfsg 3.81-2bpo1 (source all) Accepted mcl 1:06-021-0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted mdadm 2.4.1-5bpo1 (source i386) Accepted memtest86+ 1.65-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted mercurial 0.9-4bpo1 (source i386) Accepted meta-kde 5:46bpo2 (source all) Accepted micro-httpd 20051212-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted mod-cband (source i386) Accepted module-init-tools 3.2.2-2bpo1 (source i386) Accepted mpdscribble 0.2.10-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted mpt-status 1.1.6-4bpo1 (source i386) Accepted mysql-dfsg-5.0 5.0.22-1bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted nagios-plugins 1.4.3-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted nagios2 2.3-0bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted nagios2 2.4-0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted nfs-utils 1:1.0.7-16bpo1 (source i386) Accepted nullmailer 1:1.02-6bpo1 (source i386) Accepted nullmailer 1:1.02-7bpo1 (source i386) Accepted ocamlnet 1.1-9bpo1 (source i386) Accepted opal 2.2.2.dfsg-0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted openh323 1.18.0-1bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted openntpd 3.9p1-1bpo1 (source i386) Accepted 2.0.3-0bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted 1: (source all) Accepted openswan 1:2.4.5+dfsg-0.1bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted openvpn 2.0.6-1bpo1 (source i386) Accepted parenscript 1:20060513-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted pdns 2.9.20-2bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted php-net-imap 1.0.3-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted php-net-sieve 1.1.2-1bpo1 (source all) Accepted php-net-smtp 1.2.6-1bpo1 (source all) Accepted php-net-socket 1.0.6-1bpo1 (source all) Accepted php5 5.1.4-0.0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted pilot-link 0.11.8-22bpo1 (source i386) Accepted polygen 1.0.6.ds1-3bpo1 (source all) Accepted postfix 2.2.10-1bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted postgresql-8.1 8.1.4-0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted postgresql-8.1 8.1.4-1bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted postgresql-common 52bpo1 (source all) Accepted postgresql-common 54bpo1 (source all) Accepted pwlib 1.10.1.dfsg-0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted python-docutils 0.4-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted python-imaging 1.1.5-3bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted qbook 1:20060513-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted qt4-x11 4.1.3-1bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted quilt 0.44-5.1bpo1 (source all) Accepted quilt 0.45-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted rdesktop 1.4.1-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted runit 1.5.1-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted runit-run 0.7.999bpo1 (source all) Accepted s-xml 1:20060513-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted sbcl 1: (source all amd64) Accepted sbcl 1: (source all amd64) Accepted sbcl 1: (source all amd64) Accepted sbcl 1: (source all amd64) Accepted sdate 0.2.99bpo1 (source i386) Accepted sdparm 0.98-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted sfind 1.0+1.1pre4-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted signing-party 0.4.6-1bpo1 (source all) Accepted sim (source i386) Accepted sitebar 3.3.8-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted slrn (source i386) Accepted snownews 1.5.7-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted spamassassin 3.1.1-0bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted spamassassin 3.1.3-0bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted speex 1.1.12-1bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted ssl-cert 1.0.12bpo1 (source all) Accepted sylpheed 2.2.6-0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted sysfsutils 2.0.0-6bpo1 (source i386) Accepted syslog-ng 1.9.11-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted tailor 0.9.23-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted tetex-base 3.0-17bpo1 (source all) Accepted tetex-src 3.0-2bpo1 (source all) Accepted texmacs 1:1.0.6-6bpo1 (source all amd64) Accepted texmacs-extra-fonts 0.0bpo1 (source all) Accepted thunderbird (source all i386) Accepted tin 1:1.8.2-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted trivial-gray-streams 20051205-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted ttf-junicode 0.6.11-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted udev 0.093-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted util-vserver 0.30.210-8bpo1 (source i386) Accepted util-vserver 0.30.210-8bpo2 (source i386) Accepted webcalendar 1.0.2-2.0bpo1 (source all) Accepted weechat 0.1.9-0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted weechat-scripts 20060422bpo1 (source all) Accepted wesnoth 1.1.5-0bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted wmii 3.0-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted wpasupplicant 0.4.9-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted wxwidgets2.6 (source i386 all) Accepted xarchiver 0.3.3-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted xen-3.0 3.0.2+hg9681-0bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted yaclml 1:20060513-0bpo1 (source all) Accepted yakuake 2.7.5-0bpo1 (source i386) Accepted zaptel 1:1.2.6-1bpo1 (source all i386) Accepted zsh 4.3.2-10bpo1 (source i386 all) Accepted zsh 4.3.2-11bpo1 (source i386 all) The last update was on 10:04 GMT Sun May 19. 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