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Re: Siril 1.0.0 is ready for upload

Hi Cyril,

On 09.03.22 17:35, Cyril Richard wrote:
Good question in fact. What is the good practice with the git hidden files?
I would keep it if better.

But I'm surprised there are differences because I've tested it. So, sorry.

I need to redo the pristine-tar?

There is no real "good practice" here -- Debian's gitlab CI is in debian/gitlab-ci.yml and does not interfere with the original one.

How to fix it depends on what seems correct for upstream (i.e. you): If the additional files should in fact be in the tarball, then you should recreate the tarball with them (i.e. fix the pristine-tar). However I guess they should not be there (there is no reason to have them there), so I would remove them from the upstream branch and merge again to the Debian branch.



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