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Re: RFC: casacore-2.1.0-1 debian package

Hi Ole,

Ole Streicher <olebole@debian.org> writes:

> thank you very much for the update! Especially for looking through the
> files and their licenses. We are getting closer...
> There is a Lintian warning
> "copyright-refers-to-deprecated-bsd-license-file". This is connected to
> the phrase in debian/copyright:
>  On Debian systems, the full text of the BSD-3-clause can be found in
>  the file `/usr/share/common-licenses/BSD'.
> Since you already put the fill BSD-3-Clause text into debian/copright,
> the simplest would be to just remove the phrase above.

Actually I spotted the Lintian error and pushed a new commit to remove

> Gijs, I didn't follow how the Python bindings work in casacore: I assume
> that the libcasacore-python library is not enought to do an "import
> casacore", and one needs your "python-casacore" package, right?

I am not sure.  Python3 builds alright and is put into "libsasa-python2"
along with python2 bindings. "2" in the package name means casacore
soname 2, a bit misleading to include python3.

> Could you also explain what is needed to support Python 3 here? Or maybe
> (casacore is team-maintained at the end) just push the needed changes to
> our git repository, if Benda agrees? I think this would speedup the
> completion of the package.

Yeah, I agree.  Gijs, feel free to push to the git repo.

> In the moment, I have only limited internet access (being at the VLT in
> Paranal), but maybe we can get it ready so that I can upload next week?
> This would be great!

Thanks, please do.

> Gijs, would you write an ITP for the python-casacore package? I think
> this would be the logical next step here. ;-)


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