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Re: RFC: casacore-2.1.0-1 debian package

Hi Benda,

Thanks for maintaining this package. I noted that you use the name CASA sometimes. CASA is not CASACORE, CASA is a superset of CASACORE which is maintained by NRAO.


Also, I reported 2 other issues a while ago by email, I think they where about python3 support and mixing spaces and tabs in the control file. Did these issues get lost? What is the right procedure for reporting issues with packages that are not in the official repositories yet?

greetings, all the best,

 - gijs

2016-05-09 5:28 GMT+02:00 Benda Xu <heroxbd@gentoo.org>:
Hi Ole,

I have pushed 2 commits to


Ole Streicher <olebole@debian.org> writes:

> Benda Xu <heroxbd@gentoo.org> writes:
> So, here is my second part of the review:
> debian/copyright
> ================
> * cmake/* has many different licenses and copyright holders, not
>   mentioned in debian/copyright yet, f.e.
>    FindCFITSIO.cmake: GPL-3, (c) 2009 ASTRON
>    FindBISON.cmake: BSD, (c) 2006, 2009 Kitware Inc, Tristan Carel
>    FindNUMPY.cmake: MIT, (c) 2012 Continuum Analytics, Inc.
>   and others
> * "National Astronomical Observatory of Japan" is missing as copyright
>   holder for some files (first LGPL-2+ paragraph)
> * Some files are not LGPL-2+, but GPL-2+, f.e.
>   fits/apps/fits2table/fits2table.cc or fits/FITS/test/tfits2.cc
>   please check this carefully.
> * some files in d/copyright do not exist anymore (lintian -I)
>   images/Images/ImageReorderer.h, install/codedevl/glish-mode.el



> * mirlib/* is a bit unclear for me. Can you confirm that they are
>   GPL-2+?

They are LGPL-2+, as claimed in mirlib/README:


> debian/control
> ==============
> * replace VCS-Git: with (lintian -I)
>   https://anonscm.debian.org/git/debian-astro/packages/casacore.git
> * python --> Python in description (lintian -I)



> Longer-term wishes
> ==================
> These are not needed for the initial upload. It would be however good to
> keep them on the To-Do-List. Both also come from running `lintian -E -I`:
> * discuss with upstream that a shared lib should not call
>   exit(). Calling exit() in the library makes it impossible to handle
>   the error in the calling program.
> * Create symbols files for the shared libraries. This would allow for
>   dependent package to automatically determine the minimal required
>   version of the package.

Yes, the libraries are not optimal.  I will put those in my future plan.

> I think the only real issue now is to fix debian/copyright. Could you
> re-check it again carefully? The ftp-masters do this quite carefully
> (you know already :-) ) and we would have another delay if they reject
> the package. If you are ready, I will upload.

Thank you very much for your review.


Gijs Molenaar

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