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Re: new siril package ready for upload

Hi Ole,
I'm not sure to understand everything, but it seems that Siril fails to build in unstable ?

What I would recommend you to do when you prepare the release is to run
> a "-E -I --pedantic /var/cache/pbuilder/result/siril_0.9.2-1_amd64.changes"

> Even if one can ignore the output, it may give some hints for
> improvements; especially you are also upstream. In your case there are
> (among others):

Thanks for the tip. Indeed, fix typos could be nice !!

I'll move the package to "tools" ASAP.
However: The idea of the
> "telescopecontrol" task was to collect the needs for amateurs; maybe
> just the task is not called accordingly. If I move it to tools, it may
> be not found by the targetted audience under all the fitsverify stuff. I
> am very open for a better structure here, however.

I think that Tool is indeed the best choice for now. However, I hope it will be found by the targetted audience !! But even myself did not found siril in previous section.

Best regards,

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