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Re: odd result for sudo dpkg -V

On Saturday 06 November 2021 08:45:36 Phil Endecott wrote:

> David Pottage wrote:
> > I got similar results on my RockPro64, It is running
> > Armbain rather than pure Debian, but as far as I am
> > aware only the kernel comes from Armbain, and the rest
> > of userspace is from Debian. In other words it is probably
> > a Debian bug, and I don't think we can blame RaspberryPi OS
> > for it.
> No, Armbian has changes to assorted things in /etc which will
> be reported by dpkg --verify. I have previously asked how to
> reduce Armbian to just a custom kernel with vanilla Debian
> everywhere else but didn't make much progress; the Armbian
> people think their changes are improvements or bug fixes. (I
> would be surprised if you see hundreds of files though.)
> Here are my results for assorted ARM systems running variants
> of Debian bullseye:
> AWS cloud instance: 4 files in /etc, all modified by me.
> QEMU vm: 1 file in /etc, modified by me.
> 32-bit ODROID NAS running Armbian: 19 files in /etc, about
> 5 modified by me, the others modified by Armbian.
> ODROID C2 originally installed with "odrobian" but modified
> by me to approach vanilla Debian with the odrobian kernel:
> 10 files in /etc, nearly all modified by me.
> Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX with "Jetpack" installed over Debian:
> 20 files, about 3 modified by me.
> I don't see any evidence that there is a problem with dpkg in
> Debian; all of these derivatives make changes to configuration
> files and similar which dpkg --verify correctly reports.
> Cheers, Phil.

Note that I as the OP was using dpkg -V, not --verify. Might their be a 

Cheers, Gene Heskett.
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