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Re: Debian is supported on many arm platforms

On 2021-09-23, LinAdmin wrote:
> On 10.09.21 21:40, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
>> On 2021-09-10, LinAdmin wrote:
>>> The unnamed decision makers of Debian some unknown time ago
>>> decided that Pi and *Pine* stuff won't be supported by Debian.

>> This is the second time you've stated this, without really adding
>> meaningful content to the conversation, and people have presented
>> evidence to the contrary... 
>> Somewhat of an aside, I feel inclined at this point to bring up the
>> Debian Community Guidelines:
>>   https://people.debian.org/~enrico/dcg/
>> I find it has some valuable thoughts that help improve my contributions
>> to Debian.

> So after my posting of 09-20-21 you kept silence ;)

I didn't see anything I could meaningfully add about that particular bug
report... https://bugs.debian.org/981586

> Still wondering why precisely you brought up Debian
> Community Guidelines?

The near-verbatim repetition of an inaccurate claim seemed worth
mentioning; many people *have* in fact worked on improving support for
the rpi and pine64 and other arm* systems in Debian.

What specifically came to mind was:

  Improving the content
  * Ensure you are adding useful information


There were also a few other threads in that discussion going on that I
hoped could go a lot better if people would take a little time to review
the Debian Community Guidelines and work it into the discussions on

> And btw, not only me feels that "Unfortunately, the Linux desktop
>community is very toxic.  Wars between fans of desktop environments
>(DEs), distributions, package managers, package formats, etc., threats,
>personal attacks, etc. are very common in public chat rooms and

It is an unfortunate state of affairs, indeed. Let's try to make sure
debian-arm strives for the best signal-to-noise ratios rather than the
worst. :)

live well, 

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