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Re: Debian on Pine64 H64B?

On Monday 06 September 2021 13:59:12 Gunnar Wolf wrote:

> Gene Heskett dijo [Sat, Sep 04, 2021 at 09:43:07AM -0400]:
> > (...)
> > So I found my own solutions. So, debian-arm, please make up your
> > mind, do you support the pi's or do you NOT support the pi's?
> Debian has a very clear line set: We do _NOT_ ship non-free software,
> no exceptions. Given the Raspberries need a non-free firmware blob for
> the GPU to hand over execution to the ARM CPU at bootup... Yes, that
> clearly means no official Debian images exist for Raspberry Pi
> hardware. So, yes, we made up our mind, and the situation has been the
> same since the original RPi was released in 2013.
> Some people, me included (but by far, it's not only me) have prepared
> prebuilt Debian images¹ that allow booting a standard Debian system
> with *only* the raspi-firmware non-free package installed.
> ¹ https://raspi.debian.net
> ² https://tracker.debian.net/raspi-firmware
> > When I did try a net install of buster, but had no network after the
> > reboot, I went back to a raspbian seed image and haven't looked
> > back, it Just Works.
> Try running one of our tested images³. I strongly suggest you to use
> the Bullseye images, as they are newer and more recently tested, and
> are our primary target nowadays.
> ³ https://raspi.debian.net/tested-images/
> > > Whatever floats your boat.
> >
> > That attitude is Indicating to me that debian-arm still has zero
> > interest in arm. A sad truth IMO.
> We have zero interest to get engaged with divisive, aggressive users
> that feel entitled to a full support tier when downloading free
> software built by a bunch of volunteers. Do you want us to spend more
> time fixing the many quirks in the RPi? Consider hiring a couple of us
> to do so. No, not me -- I have my time fully booked and am happily
> employed. But if you are interested, I can point you to many people
> who might be interested.

1. That was an early buster net-install image, and my questions at the 
time were bounced. Firmly.

2. I now have about 4 years invested in equiping raspbian 8, 9, & 10 with 
a realtime kernel, and with a $40 ups, it runs until _I_ reboot it. My 
target was to run a cnc converted machine I converted, with a pi, first 
a 3b, now a 4b. And I have succeeded beyond my dreams from years ago. I 
now know how to install a realtime kernel on a pi and once I understood 
it, its as simple as putting the u-sd in a card reader and unpacking a 
29 megabyte tarball to it. So my problems are solved.

I'm not upset with you for following debians lead in rejecting the pi, 
but I am upset that the most popular arm product on the planet is 
specifically disabled as far as debian is concerned.  Thats not your 
decision. But its also never been disclosed anyplace I have read, that 
even a phone call to the foundation asking for permission has ever been 

IMO, debians rejection of pi support out of hand, without sharing the 
results info with the users, is leaving an important fact out of the 
story. One that in view of its market share, really needs to be shared 
with us.

FWIW, I did use your kernel kit, until you stopped supporting it.  And I 
thank you for that.

I also have a couple rock64's, but I don't believe they use a compatble 
gpio module. I talk to the interface card, a Mesa 7i90HD at 40 megabits, 
and receive its answers at 25 megabits over an SPI interface.  Can a 
rock64 do that?

Take care, and stay well, Gunnar.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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